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Published: 09th December 2009
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Wedding is the most awaited moment of our life. If we get a chance to make our wedding unforgettable, then we would never miss that chance. is here to provide such a chance to all of us. is purely a wedding site. There is no such wedding site like The main purpose of this website is to live web cast your wedding, so that your live wedding broadcast throughout the world by means of Internet. The site is providing the best video quality. The video stream is hosted by amazon web services, which is providing the best web services throughout the world. It is an excellent site developed so far, every user will have a good experience with the site,users can suggest some. The site is so carefully designed that even a normal person with not much browsing experience can start browsing There is no need for us to think, if we can afford it or no,most of us can live telecast the weddings on All the steps involved to web cast the wedding ceremony are very simple. A couple of things like Internet, laptop and etc are required.

Once you get connected with you will get to know the procedure, which is so clearly mentioned in the website. There is no difficulty in understanding the procedure. You will be busy before the event planning many things like wedding dresses, wedding venues and etc. After our wedding everyone will be waiting to watch wedding albums and wedding videos. So is providing the facility to store the wedding albums and wedding videos free of cost. There is no need to make multiple copies of videos. You can make your wedding albums look decorative in the site just like how the hard copy of the albums look. We can store as many photos as we wish. We can even store photos related to engagement, wedding reception. Prior to the wedding we have to create an event, that we should specify the date and time of the event. The event created will be visible on the front page. Once you start giving the details about the date and time, in the mean time the package for number of users should be selected. Three packages are provided, the packages are configured in favor of everybody. The payment for the package should be made before the weddings.

If you get more number of users than the number of users in your package, then you need not worry, has a facility for that situation. If the number of users exceed, the site will never say no to any user, everyone is invited for the wedding. The users weddings in is the responsibility of the site. A feature is provided in favor of users, that is a password can be created by the user if he wish and given it to all the guests invited to watch the wedding ceremony on, so that the guests can use the password to watch the wedding. is providing exciting tool called video comment. Here user can record his video through web cam and upload the video on User can upload his video comments on photo albums, videos, wedding blogs etc, its an really fun for those who want share their feeling through video.

The online guest book is provided for guests. The guest can make the comments while watching the weddings in and the comments will appear below the video. There will be some guests for every wedding who cannot travel long distances, who cannot afford the travel expenses and with many other reasons, so they can watch the event live on this site. For those who wish to attend the wedding, but not possible to attend would be glad to watch the weddings live. Nothing in this world can buy that pleasure given by, it is for the people. Users can write their experience with the website site, give some suggestions, new ideas and feedback. In fact it is the users who build the site. The wedding can be made the most memorable event with This is unique site. The users ideas are highly encouraged, if there are any mistakes they can be corrected in the next wedding. Users feedback is the most powerful weapon that helps in the growth of this wedding site.

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